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How you the Buyer can make it in a Sellers world (simple advice)

You are a real estate buyer in this market, what in the world do you do now? I hate to use the word “crazy” because I feel like it falls out of my mouth as often as “busy”. I really hate saying busy when people ask how are you doing? It seems my default is … [Read More...]


What can $300,000 buy you in Salem Oregon?

How far will $300,000 go in Salem Oregon? There is a lot to choose from actually.  The trick is if you are in this price range be ready to act fast. It really is crazy how fast this market is moving.  We are short inventory in Salem so supply and demand is … [Read More...]

Burning Tree-25

It’s been too long!

2 months since last post, horrible. There is no excuse other than I have started many posts and have been unable to finish.  Blogs are funny, they consume you when you're not creating content and it seems sometimes easier to hide from the keyboard. Truth … [Read More...]