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Augusta National-8

June 2016 Real Estate Market Update

Crazy days in Salem! Lots going in Salem this time of year.  Weather is heating up, the River Rock Concert Series is in full swing and the selling season is among us.  As everyone knows pretty much the entire country is in a hot sellers market.  Portland is … [Read More...]


SalemListed’s Sept ’15 Real Estate Market Report Salem Or

Market Overview Market is definitely turned towards a "sellers market" w/ only 4 months of inventory and days on market under 90 days sellers are finally feeling some confidence.  Homes that are priced right are moving quickly. Through September 2015 In the … [Read More...]

Burning Tree-25

SalemListed’s Aug ’15 Real Estate Market Report Salem Or

  Word of the day "listings".  We need listings.  As you will see below our inventory is down significantly from last year and buyers are having a tough time finding what they want and if they do find it chances are there is competing offers.  August … [Read More...]