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List with Us!

You are probably interviewing several agents and we want to be one of them.

Our main goal is to sell your home for the most that the market will allow.  There is a reason you are selling and we want to help you with the process from beginning to the close of escrow and hopefully you will higher us again in the future.  So to the Why?

  • We are in the home selling business.  That is it.  That is what you want.  This is a more than fulltime business.  We love our business and most importantly we love real estate.  Brenda has been selling real estate in Salem for over 30 years.  Ty joined in 2005 and became a Principal Broker in 2008. Ty’s wife Jamie has been a Interior Designer in Salem for over 20 years now. (don’t tell her you know).  You don’t stay in any business for that long if you’re not doing it right. We are a team.  You get both of us and a full support staff.  Shirlene Sherman – Transaction, Advertising and File management. Full time reception 7 days a week.  2 full time IT wizards.  When you hire us you are not just hiring Brenda and Ty you get a full team behind us that work full time making sure your properties needs are met.  The best part about hiring us, we work for free until we SELL your home.  Think about it.. our only business is selling your home and you do not pay us until we do our job.  Who is working hard in this relationship? Us.
  • Complete web syndication.  Your Home will launched across the web.  From (featured homes) to Zillow to to to every website wanting to display homes for sale in Salem Oregon.  With over 85% of all home searches starting online 1 year before purchase (NAR statistics) you web presence is SO important.  Our photographers are the best. They are HD photos, video slide show w/ music on YouTube (the #2 search engine in the world) and we market those pictures.  We use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Path to promote our listings through Social Media.  We do blog posts about your home which gets you better Google Search results.
  • Sphere.  a Sphere is a persons network of friends, past clients, family, vendors, members and the longer you are in a business that network or Sphere grows and grows and grows.  We have over 40 years of Real Estate service between Us.  That gives us over 1500 people in data base and many relationships in the community.  We find many homes get sold through word of mouth.  We hear someone is thinking of moving to an area, we know of home that is available or that we are going to list and there you go.  A possible happy sale.
  • Communication.  I call this our Good, The Bad and The Ugly weekly talks, emails, texts or faxes.  Really this is a very important part of our job.  Not just communicating with you about a showing you had but our follow up with the Realtor that showed the house is so important.  It really amazes me how many homes we show and how few calls or even emails (it is all automated these days all you have to do is push a button to follow up with an agent that showed your listing). But, we don’t get calls or emails.  EVER.  I  like to call the Broker that showed the property to get feedback about what his clients thought and what he thought.  The real important part of this call….. wait for it…. wait.. It reminds the Broker about the house.  So many times you show 10 homes over the weekend.  If I don’t call you and say how was the showing at 1234 Main St, can I answer any questions or do you have any feedback/suggestions for us? That agent won’t remember that house at all.  This jogs their memory and they sometimes say.. “they really loved it but hated the upstairs carpet, so they tossed it.” Then we can discuss the possibilities of my client replacing the carpet or giving them a credit.  Next thing you know.. the agent calls back and says we are going back to the house to look at again with new carpet in mind.  If you agents do not follow up with showings how could they ever overcome that objection to the home if we didn’t phone them and discuss it? They couldn’t.  We make those calls and really pride ourselves on that follow up.  You would be amazed about the deals that have come together just through follow up.
  • Negotiations.  We feel the negotiations begin from the first moment there is interest in the home.  We want to make sure that the Brokers we are dealing with know we are there to help them answer questions and if we don’t have the answers we get the answers.   Our job is to make sure you not only get the sale, but you get the best financing terms, the best inspection repairs and ultimately a successful smooth close of escrow.  That comes with experience.  Every deal is different and being able to recognize possible issues before they happen is paramount to both of our success.

Our process: (We are in this together.. “No I in Team”)

  1. Have a meeting at the house.  Discuss the reason and time frame of why you want to sell.  Find out if you the market is right for you? Is this a distressed situation where we have to discuss the short sale process? A time of Q&A.
  2. Comparables – CMA and Absorption Rate. How does your house compare to other homes currently Actively on the market, Pending and SOLD.  Now we have seen the home and property we can now analyze like homes to see how your home compares.  We can now come up with a range so you can see how aggressive you want to be.
  3. Pricing Appt – Now we have an idea of what your home will sell for.  We sit down and discuss what the market looks like.  You make the decision in the end if this market works into your goals.  We also take into consideration what the sale of your will facilitate moving forward.  Example: does a more agressive priced home sell quicker? usually, what does that do for you on your next purchase.  Does it allow you to take advantage of lower prices, more for your money and extremely low interest rates.
  4. After this we head to the office and prepare your paperwork to list your home.  We try never to have a listing go live without the maximum pictures allowed by MLS taken and ready to go.  This is HUGE.  The listing will be on the new listing list for 48 hours.  Most good agents check MLS 2 to 4 times a day to see what new inventory is coming on to the market.  If your listing shows up with no pictures you are forgotten.. I call it a waste of 1 day on market.  Meaning that is your coming out party and if you didn’t show up to your coming out party everyone would leave and all they would remember was nothing.  So we are sticklers for awesome pictures.. Sample photos!

We are ready for the interview.  You can fill out the form below or simply call us at 503-881-2313 the old fashioned way! Reach out we would like the opportunity to interview.. We do hope you choose to List with Us.

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