Thinking of Selling?


You are thinking about Selling your home.  What is the most important thing on your mind?


There are so many things that come into play when pricing your home to sell.  The condition of the home compared to the competition.  Pricing, Pricing and of course Pricing.  In today’s market you have to price your home to SELL not to SIT.  If you are selling to move up or move on you need to get it SOLD.  Having your home on the market is not a good time.  We not only look at the competition but we look at the market as a whole and how long is it taking comparable homes to be ABSORBED.  We think that is a very important part of pricing.  If you can see that the homes priced under $250k are being absorbed 2 to 1 over homes priced from $250 to $260k it is obviously worth pricing it under that mark so your home is priced to be in the largest pool of buyers possible.

Buyers today shop for nearly a year online before they buy.  So if the buyers are online then we want to give them our very best.  With homes marketed on hundreds of websites from YouTube to SalemListed and everything in between it is so important to have GREAT photography.  We hire a Photographer not pictures from an iPhone or from an old camera.  Our photographers take pictures of homes.  We choose up to 32 of the best photos we can find and they go into MLS to hit all of the websites that homes are sold but we also do a SlideShow Video (Click here to see an example) that goes onto MLS but also goes to YouTube.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and you would be amazed how many views our homes get.

Social Media! It is a huge part of our lives.  Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn and our Network of past clients and friends.  We promote our listings via all the platforms we can. Our goal is to get your home or property in front of as many people as we can.

Communication! You will receive weekly updates on how many times your home is being viewed online.  How many times is it coming up in someones property search.  This is important because if your home is being viewed a lot and no showings we need to evaluate why.. Pictures, Public remarks or Price.  It’s a great tool to help us find that Buyer pool.

Showings! Finally, they want to see the home.  Feedback from the agent showing is very important.  What are the agents showing the home thinking and most importantly what are the Buyers thinking and seeing.  We want to know what they are thinking about the house and if it is something we can address then we talk about it and if possible do it.  In a lot of cases Agents are showing multiple homes and by calling them after a showing we can remind them of the features of the home and to see if there are questions address them then.  If not, agents and buyers could loose us in the volume of homes they are seeing.

We would love the opportunity to interview for the job of selling your home.  It is important to interview multiple agents to find the perfect fit.  We just want to be one of the agents.  Please feel free to call us directly to set up a time to come discuss your home and what it will take to get your home SOLD.

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Check out the Market Stats.  These are updated every few hours! To give you an idea of what the market is doing.