Short Sales

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What is a Short Sale?

Simply it is when the balance due on the mortgage is more than the home is worth and you need to sell.

The first thing to remember is you are not alone.  Short Sales have become as common as regular sales these days.  It is a way for many homeowners to get out from underneath the house that they can no longer afford and unfortunately is no longer worth what the Seller owes.  The process is not easy but it is becoming more bearable.  Banks are working hard to streamline the process.  Even as far as automating the entire process through a platform called Equator.

We have worked with both buyers and sellers in this process and would be glad to discuss the options that are available for you and your family.  There is definitely life after a short sale and in some cases the opportunities to buy again are not as far off as you may think.  Please feel free to give us a call or email to schedule a time to sit down and discuss the process and more importantly your options.

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